Because sometimes, after a load of kimchi fries at Banh Mi Boys, you need to walk through the Richmond Street back alley and take some pictures. All you need in -20 C degree Toronto weather is a vintage faux-shearling and suede coat, purchased in South Korea in 2004, which somehow still allows a number of layers underneath it.


FYI: Toronto is known (by those that inhibit it) as a place of many-a-graffiti alleys. The city is booming with unrecognized talent and street art continues to pop in the best, and most unexpected, of places. If you ever visit, or live here and never have you thought of taking a stroll through downtown alleys, I advise you to grab a drink and do so; weather permitting. There’s Kensington Market and Richmond Street; there are many to be found west of Spadina, just North of Queen; an adventurous urban spirit and a knack for dusty, shattered glass covered street are key, yet an ability to find beauty in the ignored is a necessity.

The “I’m not ready, what are you doing?” shot. Below.