While I woke up “mourning” my leaving of the beautiful Island of Victoria, my newsfeed was busy blowing up about Olivia Palermo’s lack of (and I quote) “sweat glands” and the fact that she can seemingly pull off the weight of a mid-length leather skirt, despite the scorching temperatures (where?!) of the August Summer heat. *yawn*

Don’t get me wrong – I give props to Ms. Palermo (pardon me, Mrs.) for being able to push the boundaries and somehow sky rocket herself from a semi-reality TV persona to a significant style icon; however, it is my personal belief that the bigger star is none other than Miroslava Duma – the petite, but very powerful force behind Buro 24/7, whose Instagram page instantaneously sparks insane jealousy in my fashion covetable mind. From deep V-neck sweaters over romantic flawy dresses to leather capes over dresses, oversized sweaters paired with knee-high boots, Ms Duma always manages to make a bold statements, and I would imagine a major entrance at each event that she attends. And while I sometimes receive a sigh of disapproval by the mention of her name due to a somewhat recent image incident that prompted her team to release a very public apology, I remain true to my fashionably forgiving persona and look forward to seeing more of her on and off the front rows.

Below are just a couple of the thousands of outfits Ms Duma makes me drool over on a daily basis, while forcing me to urgently ravage through my closet in search of items to complete the fashionable wave of inspiration, swirling through my mind.

Mira3Mira5Mira7 Mira8Mira11Images via Tumblr, Instagram, Fashionista and Style.com