Remember growing up – waiting for the summer to come knockin’ – knowing that you had a good two and a half (2 1/2) months to mess around, without a worry in your mind that you had to wake up the next morning, and carry a back bag filled with heavy books? Never did I think I’d end up longing for those hot summer days more than I do now. Back then my dad travelled, my mom worked 9 to 5 and I was busy growing up faster than I’d like to think I needed to; summer meant a well-deserved break (“From Doing What?” – I now ask) and an additional bonus of getting away to a charming, Bulgarian beach town, where my dad’s childhood home played the role of a summer house.

Things were simple back then: go to school, do your homework, play outside, get back into the house for dinner, live it up in the summer, get yelled at, do it all over again.Then I graduated, travelled..Hold on! I won’t complain, because living in and visiting numerous countries on 4 continents by the time I was 20 was a blessing and not an average occurrence. That must be the exact reason why it seems harder to be a grown up and not having enough time to be carefree and travel as much as I did back then. Which is why a long weekend at the Beach with the extended family is as welcome in my books as a protein-packed smoothie after an intense workout (read: VERY much!)

The Beach at Sarnia’s Brights Grove is beautifully intimate, yet entertaining. A short stretch of a private sand strip, playing host to each of the less than a dozen families who inhabit the area is a dream. Especially for someone like myself, who’s been attempting to juggle an aspiring blog, freelance projects and the craziness of the retail world, while scrambling to find a couple of days to dedicate to spend away with fun people. I woke up earlier every day, feeling refreshed, breathing in the pleasantly dewy air, all while wrapped in a warm Line sweater, because let’s face it: it can’t always be Sun and Games; sometimes we need to turn to the Literacy and Grapes. (Ah, the Life!)

And while the time allowed for a few “fashionable” snap shots, it is a fact that Sarnia has some of the best sunsets, especially when fuelled by a glass of red wine and an engaging conversation; thoughts run through your mind, dreams begin to inflame, stories of past times unfold before your very eyes..and just like that, you’re a kid again; running on a beach with just Fun on your mind.

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