IMG_79721IMG_79722IMG_79723 A couple of years ago, after finally giving into the world of iPhone, being allowed to enter that of Instagram – YES I’m a late bloomer, and NO I don’t feel bad about it – and after connecting with old friends and peeps I went to High School with out East in the Land of Kimchi and non-snowy NYEs (ah, the beautiful memories!)…Where was I? Right!                                                                           I came across the profile of a young entrepreneur down in LA, @hotrod3k , who was down with designing simple, high-functional, every day clothing with an urban spin. The trick? The Art of Layering.

Since then he’s conquered new heights and transitioned his brand under the name Bulls of Summer – a clean line of cotton Tees and such, aimed at today’s notable man and clearly targeted at th[is] girl, who likes to play-pretend like menswear is just another excuse to preach about the beauty of oversized sweatshirts-gone-dresses. I fell in love with the simplicity of the designs “byHOT” and after jumping on a limited edition jersey by him and Dani, (who thanks to the power of Social Media I came across again after a decade and am so proud to learn of her inspiring success), I am now the proud owner of a couple of BoS pieces and I don’t plan on stopping there.

Much love to the Bulls Of Summer Fam down in LA – they’re only just beginning and I’m looking forward for a lot more to come.


Seen above: the oversized sweatshirt in grey and black paired with my current favourite #SWALKs by Sully Wong x Amanda Lew Kee

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