IMG_8289In 2002, J Dilla – aka “the most unbelievable beat producer on this earth” – was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. In the next few years to come, he was to continue working and creating some of the most inspiring beats known to the avid Hip Hop admirer, and stun the world (and all of its harsh critics) with the 31 tracks for his last album, titled “Donuts”, which was released just 3 days prior to his death.

If you are part of my “close” circle of friends, you know that I am a sucka for J Dilla beats. Always have and always will be. Growing up in a small town in Eastern Europe, I didn’t have the right access to the culture that Hip Hop truly represents, but I had quickly fallen in love with Common and today I, without a doubt, can attest to the fact that there couldn’t have been a better person to introduce me to the world of Dilla and his beats. Luckily, my International upbringing over the years, opened up many doors to the world of Hip Hop, it’s culture, it’s poets and provided the resources to continue my education towards embracing a love that was never before known to me – the power of rhythm.

I have been planning on dedicating a post on this brilliant artist, since starting my blog and playing around with the idea of a “Beats” category. Today, the category is long gone, but my love for his music continues to burn stronger with each day passing. The other day, I was editing photos and digging in the Dilla archives, when I came across an interview that Common gave, regarding his latest album – and in particular – the track that not only makes my soul shake but truly pays a tribute to a legend and his MC friend. #RewindThat


Then, a couple of hours later, something else happened: the release of a limited addition “J Dilla” figurine, a Stussy collaboration with Pay Jay Productions, which sent me into a slightly euphoric state of being. Available for pre-orders on Rappcats.

So go ahead, order it or don’t – it’s up to you. Meanwhile, I’ll sit here eating up my “Donuts” with both eyes, mouth and ears, continuing to praise the one name that has given life, light and inspiration to so many others.

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