par·a·dise /ˈperəˌdīs/ noun an ideal or idyllic place or state. 
Many of us refer to Paradise in its “vacation” form – that time of year when we jet off to the warmer parts of our planet in an attempt to escape the reality of our daily routine and the harsh weather conditions that we sadly need to endure on a yearly basis.
My version of Paradise happens to be in the form of a certain state down South. And though, I have always secretly – and not so – claimed that I am a Californian at heart (if you say you haven’t thought about it, you’re lying!), my deeply rooted beliefs proved to be true during my last vaca down to the Golden State. I believe Paradise to be not just a form of an escape, not just a utopia of some sort, embodying the true definition of peace and relaxation, but rather an environment that helps shape one to be the best version of themselves. In my brief stay – both travelling, enjoying the culture and connecting with family and dear old friends, as well as making new ones, I found just that. San Francisco, the city where my mom would aways remind me you should “wear flowers in your hair“, has particularly – and quickly – become a favourite. With an old soul feel, modern approach to cuisine and culture, mixed with a wanderlust-like nostalgia, San Francisco (and please, do NOT call it Frisco!) is one of those places where – contrary to the norms of the East Coast – everyone is excited and ready to support a new venture, fresh ideas and unique personalities. Like I said: Paradise!

IMG_8924IMG_8916As I sit here – somehow still in denial and refusing to admit that I am back in the cold, in a city where I lack that warmth – both physical and spiritual – I can’t help but feel the growing love inside of me for a place that has somehow guaranteed me personal success and satisfaction; I plan the move, play around with a variety of ideas and somehow keep going back to the same one: just do it! Take that leap of faith: I’ve done it once, it can be done again! It also helps that there’s an added bonus  – I will finally be able to show my love for layering, without looking like a ball of garments rolling down a snowy street.

So until then, prepare for the plethora of “California Love” – related posts to pour out on this page, embossed with warm weather outfits, tons of Palm Trees and the inevitable taco feast.