Recently, the Social Media world has been buzzing with news of the latest in Teatox cleansing. A blend of aromatic herbs, paired together to deliver both a boost of energy and a delicious taste that is sure to tickle your taste buds.

Skinny Mint – a product “cooked up” in Germany and delivered to you via the gorgeous land of Singapore – is that one product that bloggers, nutritionists, fit gurus and even celebrities have been buzzing about for a few months straight, causing the word to spread like wild fire.

Naturally, I had to jump on the bandwagon and try it out for myself. I opted for the 28 day detox – you have the option of doing half the time – and started planning my healthier, fitness-elevated, lifestyle for the next month. The key to receiving the best optimal results with Skinny Mint is to understand that you need to not just be drinking your tea, but also develop a healthier snacking habit, paired with an active lifestyle. So, I rejoined my yoga studio, prepped my meals, steeped my tea and 3 days in I am starting to get a wave of energy that  I had forgotten exists in the cold, hibernating months up here in Toronto.

IMG_9834 IMG_9836

Another perk for those, who actively seek to spread the word on Social Media and are not afraid to show their pre-teatox curves, is the “Dare To Be Gorgeous” hashtag that gives you the chance to upload a pre- and post- image of your progress. The rules are simple: snap a pic of yourself before you start sipping on that delicious tea, do the Teatox, snap a pic of your hot bod afterwards and upload them side-by-side to your Instagram page with the hashtag #DareToBeGorgeous, while tagging @SkinnyMintCom for your chance to be featured on their Instagram page and win a free Teatox for your next cycle.



Here’s to the next 25 days!! Are you in?

Follow my SkinnyMint journey here and check out other people’s progress both on Skinny Mint’s website and Instagram page. Good luck getting gorgeous!