Every season David Pecault Square turns into Toronto’s version of New York’s Lincoln Centre – though Lincoln is set to be vacated and a new location for the highly coveted NY Fashion Week shows is set to be announced, but let’s not get off topic here -a slew of local media, major (and minor) celebrities, veteran and newbie Bloggers and self-proclaimed fashionistas take over the popular Tents, all while on a mission to show off their style and – hopefully – their individuality.

I feel very honoured to sit in the Media section for second season in a row and have the opportunity to represent my own brand, and my own individuality via Style Controversy. At the same time, Fashion Week is the one time I get to run into so many wonderful women and fashion friends, who otherwise I don’t get to see, and have the opportunity to share our own experience, combined with that of watching Fashion go down the Runway.

Here is a quick recap of last night’s shows:


NARCES sent down a collection of beautifully crafted evening gowns and cocktail dresses down the Runway, interspersed with girly baby doll dresses and playful prints. The collection offered highly glamorous looks, as well as pieces that are sure to get coveted by both the girly girl and those, who see many a moto jacket/biker boot pairings in their future.



VAWK’s Sunny Fong stayed true to himself once again this season and created a collection like no one else can. Playing with a variety of fabrics, weights and colors, his garments were strategically “ornamented”, some with deep bright blue hues, some with oversized buttons, and others revealing a bit (and a lot) of skin in strategic places. Plus, having Runway Rockstar and Media favourite Stacey McKenzie close the show, added the ultimate stamp of unique approval to his vision.

What made his presentation even yummier – beside the obvious colour palette – Mr Fong joined forces with Subway to bring an incredibly tasty sounding menu, describing the pieces we were about to see. It’s safe to say that I was drooling before the show even started.


I’d dare and deem this my favourite of the night, but Melissa Nepton‘s collection was the epitome of Casual Chic. With oversized knits, light sheer jumpsuits and relaxed silky pants, paired with appropriately edgy killer footwear, followed by an impressive version of  a day-to-night sweat suit in jewel tones, Melissa Nepton didn’t hesitate to cater to the confident, urban chic woman that rules both the boardroom and street style glamour in a very modern way.


And of course, the Grand Finale!

David Dixon presented the #DavidDixon20 – 20 amazing years of his talent gracing the local Runways and embraced by the likes of Suzanne Rogers, local Socialites, public figures and many more. The show opened with a short movie, voiced by Dixon’s own reflection of his 20 years of glamour and hard work, which appropriately closed with a quote – so powerful – it set the tone of the pieces we were about to see AND the inspiration behind this significant milestone of his.

“I am not afraid…I was born to do this!”Joan of Arc

And indeed he was. A very well deserved Standing Ovation, sir!


And of course.. It is no secret – at least to the true fashionable Torontonian – that after every show, Mr. Dixon celebrates with a delicious meal – a burger. So, where else but the new burger sensation Wahlburgers‘ location at the SOHO Metropolitan, but to celebrate such a grand occasion. After the show, many of the attendees rushed down to the Boston native burger joint, home to the Wahlberg brothers, to cheers with the designer and indulge in a variety of delicious sliders, such as Marky Mark’s favourite Thanksgiving Burger, ( and please note you’re only allowed to call him that if you’re a child of the 70’s and 80’s, who grew up breaking it down to his early 90’s hits), petite french fries and crispy, string onions, smothered in a delicious sauce. Ketchup who??

(For the record, I’d marry those onions and french fries, create their own little family, gently embraced by that delicious dressing and call it the “Funky Bunch”. You read it here first!)

Thank you again Mr. Dixon – and the “Walburger” family – for sharing your burger(s) with us!


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