Image via World Master Card Fashion Week

Fashion Week is fun: dress up, put your face on, hail a cab – or if your modern self is familiar with the latest trends, get an Uber town car with the touch of a button, walk over to the Tents strutting your best walk, hoping your sartorial efforts will be noticed buy the swarms of photographers attempting not to get a frostbite, while on a mission to report on what the masses are adorned in that day, walk through the entrance, flash your media pass and in you are.

Surrounded by veteran and newbie fashionistas, all buzzing around you trying to dissect the latest collection that went down the Runway, bursting with pride as they reach out to grab the latest Grey Goose cocktail and lining up in front of the Pandora Photo Booth and Maybelline Lounge, snapping selfies in hopes of getting free swag, you start wondering what Fashion Week really is about..Am I here to compete in a presumed sartorial version of Outfit Wars, snag free goodies and swag bags, fight for a seat at first and second row with First Year buying students, or am I really here to support the talent working hard behind the scenes, who’s about to entrust their latest creation into the hands – or should I say bodies – of a dozen hand selected models down the Runway?

And suddenly…eureka! You disconnect yourself from the lights, the screaming General attendees, playing ignorant and trying to score that accredited media seat because their maxed out credit card simply won’t forgive them if they don’t flash their newly purchased Loubotins, attempt to ignore the photographers in the pit as they yell: “Front Row, uncross your legs!!” and get lost in the magic of beautiful hair, gorgeous make up and impeccably structured garments. And later on – 15 to 20 minutes to be exact – you walk outside, grab a drink and once again attempt to dissect each outfit with your fellow industry professionals, in an effort to decide who’s going to be a hit next buying season.

But true magic happens not while gossiping, not while playing dress up or “unintentionally” trying to impress your followers with a slew of Insta snaps, but when in that moment you realize that this is what you’ve finally chosen as your true path – to rub shoulders with a plethora of young, creative minds on a quest to inspire others through the craft they create, to have the chance to pick their brain and attempt to fathom the complexity of ideas that have taken over them, to be able to report on what you’ve learned and hope that you are making this artist’s vision justice and in turn, pray that your written contribution is going to benefit them somehow. Designers, Fashionistas, Writers, Bloggers – we go hand in hand, yet walk very different paths.

Join the conversation: What does Fashion Week mean to you? Has Toronto managed to put its designers in the spotlight, are we grateful and appreciative of the talent that we breed, or do we purely choose to stunt through our getup? I, for one, am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to meet incredibly talented individuals along this journey, who continue to inspire me on a daily basis and push me to be better, more knowledgable and more in love with my future accomplishments.

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