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On the eve of my 30th Birthday last week, I felt a bit lost, unprepared and dreading the realization that I was officially about to enter into the fourth decade of my life. Fourth! I had successfully lived through three sets of ten years, lived on various continents, experienced life in multiple countries and cultural settings and never really stopped to think about the idea that I am – in fact – an adult; a young one, but nevertheless an adult with many dreams and aspirations and a definite responsibility to make those happen on my own.

When you’re young, you dream of growing up, of being independent, of taking life into your own hands and gaining control over it. You long for nights out, no curfew, the freedom to do as you please without the boundaries set by your parents, the lust to travel the world and meet people in exotic countries, to land your dream school and consecutively that dream career, to have it all happen quick and painless, without realizing that there is so much more to adulthood than you can ever imagine.

Then life happens. You toss your schoolbag up in the air on the last day of school and march towards that last summer of dreams, before you enter the big leagues and attempt to make the right choice for your future. There’s the first university that you initially turn your back to due to the idea of a love that’s never meant to be, then the 3 jobs that you have to work – and if you’re lucky at least one of them is satisfying – just to pay the bills; then comes the realization that perhaps that degree was important but the timing wasn’t right, so along comes the knowledge wave again, accompanied by a life in one of Europe’s most culturally enriched cities, where education not only prevails but rather offers you a chance to really evaluate your life.

A few years pass, diplomas are about to be handed out and you make another move – a city so culturally diverse, it knocks the anxiety out of you and throws you into a whirlwind. Is it the competition, the drive to succeed found in the face of every human in passing or simply the idea that time flies and there is no room for procrastination? One Fashion Marketing degree later, you have turned your back to the idea of becoming a prominent buyer and found yourself head over heels with the idea of turning into a creative soul, who is not only capable of achieving a lot but also willing to inspire.

Then 30 comes.

You are now either exactly where you need to be or realizing that life doesn’t stop here, you don’t have it all figured out and hard work pays off every single day! You have a creative outlet, you are making moves and every day you hustle to make it better. You have gotten out of procrastination’s grip and embraced a go-getter personality. You still experience work in a variety of fields on a daily basis, you understand the importance of networking, of having your presence be known and of having a strong voice that deserves to be heard. You continue to fight for your right to succees – and well, party, as you please. But if you do, you make sure to party for the right reasons: to celebrate yourself, to celebrate others and to aspire to celebrate bigger things.

30, you haven’t seen enough of me yet!

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