IMG_1603Back in July I wrote about the ultimate summer snack destination, which takes place in Toronto once a year at the historic Fort York – Taste of Toronto. Taste is the “World’s Greatest Restaurant Festival”, which started with one show in London, UK over a decade ago and has quickly risen to include a variety of cuisines in numerous cities across the globe.

Thanks to Rock-It Promotions agency, I got to experience the vibes and eats of this so-appealing-to-the-palette event, prompting me to eat lunch AND dinner there over the course of the weekend. There was a roster of chefs, restaurants and delicious menus on site and I had to make sure that we covered them all! From Asian fusion to plenty of mexican and latin inspired dishes, fresh Caipirinhas and chilled wine, paired with oysters, the sky was the limit and my belly was the destination.

On a side note, I wore an oversized shirt as a dress, prompting a few friends and some strangers to ask the dreadful question: “How far along are you?”. I’m still not sure whether it is helping me get into better shape or just fully deny the possibility of having kids ever. But let’s first focus on the next decade of fun that’s about to crash on the shore of my current lifestyle.

Below are just few of the delicious tapas style dishes that I got to experience with some friends, though many more deserve to be in the cut.

IMG_2064IMG_1604IMG_2062IMG_2066IMG_1602IMG_2065IMG_2051IMG_2056 IMG_2059IMG_2047See you next year, Taste of Toronto!

Until then, I’ll be keeping you update here and here.