IMG_2645Back in 2005, a handful of Art enthusiasts and passionate young creators joined forces to create a line of iPod covers, popularly known as GelaSkins, featuring independent artists’ designs (did you know you can create your own?). Since then, the concept has grown to feature apparel, home decor and full-blown art pieces, delivered by a collective named Nuvango.

Nuvango represents a community – and a marketplace – which came together out of a mutual love for art and unique inspiration. They represent a variety of independent artists, who are given the chance to showcase their art on  T-shirts, leggings, dresses, pillow cases and throws, canvased pieces of Art and so many more. And as their artistically reach grows, their home(s) do, as well!

Back in July, Nuvango took over the first floor of the Burroughes Building in Toronto, formerly known as the home of REMIX Clothing; a space, which is sure to bring a flow of creative individuals through. Nuvango’s Queen Street W location is home to a retail space and a full-service gallery, which last Thursday launched the #Objectify series to the public. And it was incredible!


The first floor is made up of carefully curated retail space, featuring a variety of artists’ designs, displayed on apparel, home decor and statement art pieces. Upon entering, one is immediately stunned by the carefully curated flow of design and colours, all of which play well with the clean, bright aesthetic of the place. This part of Nuvango’s retail home is strategically curated to set the right tone before entering the gallery’s space upstairs.


As someone, who truly appreciates Art and has recently started to show more interest in what goes on through the mind of an Artist before they start to create, I was truly captivated by the aesthetic beauty of the space, the overall energy of the team behind it and the enthusiasm of everyone who attended and – eventually – embraced the culture that Nuvango is attempting to popularize. I highly recommend a trip to their space on Queen Street West, if you’re in need of some colour therapy or have ever contemplated wearing a piece of Art.


Pictured above wearing the “Last Flowers” tee by artist Tanya Shatseva, courtesy of Nuvango’s amazing team! Get yours here.

*Stay tuned for a BTS coverage of Nuvango’s Head Office, as I visit to catch up with the team and learn more about their creative day-to-day routine.