Biography of Raya from Style Controversy

IMG_0612[1]Remember when you were young and the moments the prompted you to scream “This just freaking made my life!!” – (or something of that sort) – were those that involved buying a new magazine, with the sole purpose of ripping out the centre fold to find a poster of your favourite band? That’s how I felt about Hip Hop.

One of the first ones that hung on my wall was that of “Kris Kros”. [Kindly note that I will choose to casually pass on the sarcastic comments that may be entering some of your brains, cause those boys rocked their pants backwards and there ain’t many people that can pull that off.] So, even though, I graduated to the big girl tunes a bit later – I did spend the majority of my developmental years in Eastern Europe after all – I cherished every moment of my “Jump” days, and may have potentially thrown in some boy band pictures in the mix, too.

Last night, as means to kick off the NBA All Star Weekend in our beloved #6ixside, media and digital influencers braved the cold and headed over to the highly anticipated “HPOMW” event, organized by Shopify and Montreal-based photographer Naskademini. The event aims to celebrate the Golden Age of Hip Hop and remind those with true beats in their hearts, that it all started in our teenage bedrooms, in our sanctuaries, where we were free to dream, create and never set any limits.


With classics tunes brought by Bay Area Duo Soulection, drinks and food catered by Toronto’s own 416 Snack Bar and a collection of portraits every Hip Hop fan would die to own, the event brought nothing but pride of the genre, its legends and those, who still fight to preserve its roots.


The space is open to the public all weekend and is a MUST, especially if you’re hanging out in the West End. But regardless of where you are, do yourself a favour: drive, get on a streetcar, call an Uber and somehow make it out to the NorthWest (not droppin’ celebrity kid names here, I swear!) corner of Queen Street West and Shaw and check it out.

They got a basket, too..


[Ahem!] Plenty of photo ops for your inner narcissist to indulge in:



For more info head on to Shopify here.