The Ultimate Denim Onesie

There is something incredibly comforting about wearing a onesie past your twenties. In fact, any time past the age of 3 should be just as acceptable. Well…I am 30 – and proud, I think – and I have yet to hesitate to bust a one piece garment and parade it out in public.

That is exactly why on one of my latest trips to one of Toronto’s Urban Outfitters’ locations to browse the sale rack, because that is how fun outfit stories are born, I couldn’t help but reach out for the Urban Renewal, denim onesie, which conveniently wore the price tag of $29.99 (down from $179.99! Whaaaaat?!) and even offered an extra 30% off the sale tag. So…if you’re good at math, or just took the time to calculate that, I walked out of there nearly $24 poorer but one fabulously denim onesie richer.

Two days later, I took the onesie our for brunch, found a grey wall and made Da Kid take pictures of me. He obliged.

IMG_1519[1] IMG_1520[1]IMG_1514[1] IMG_1516[1] IMG_1507[1] IMG_1513[1]

Furthermore, as a favour to you, knowing that you’re dying to find out about that velvet black ribbon choker, I’ll spill the beans and tell you that I made it…with $1.99 velvet fabric, scissors and my kindergarten shoe string tying knowledge. If I can do it, you can do it!