If you’re a woman and you’ve ever wished to be a man for a day – a whole day of not having to experience the dreadful thought of having to shave, pluck, wax, tweeze or zap (that’s what I call it when that sound comes out of my portable laser) a hair out of your body – then you’re more likely to relate to the topic I’m about to explore: hairlessness. (Is that even a word? If not – dibs!) And even though Kid’s “cleansing/grooming” routine sometimes takes longer than I do to get ready on a daily basis, he is still not even close to understanding what it takes to attempt to maintain the silky smooth feel, without the hefty price tag. Yes, our ladyparts come with one of those, too.

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to check out Allure Bar. Located on the Danforth (and now with a new location in Newmarket), it is the “Home of the Quickzillian” – a brazillian wax performed in 8 min or less for the low price tag of $35. You can even sign-up for a monthly subscription and forever avoid the worry of losing that last minute wax spot at your salon.


Not only do they offer a quick, AND painless service, the Allure Bar blog features a plethora of tips on how to care for your skin pre- and post- waxing, as well as how to avoid those much annoying ingrowns.

Check out Allure Bar online and book your next appointment online here. They also offer weekly specials to help you save those extra nickels (Sorry, the penny line just doesn’t work in The North, anymore!)