Every year we spend a couple of weekends road trippin’ down to Ottawa to see some of our Fam – July 1st, Labour Day, Thanksgiving and of course May 2-4. We don’t always make it down for every occasion but when we do, it helps when the weather is nice.

This past long weekend – despite mood swings by both weather and people – we woke up to a sunny Saturday in Ottawa and it wasn’t long before we were on the road. Being in Ottawa is a good excuse to drive over the bridge to Quebec and take on the scenery. If you love Ontario too much and can’t stand to hear a negative comment about it, I’m warning you: “Do not read further”; or quit being so sensitive and please continue on.

I like Ontario, it’s my home now; but there is something truly…mundane about driving down the 401 for hours – its flat, the rest stops all look the same, it smells like A&W along the way and the truck drivers are all half-insane. I’m used to mountains, lavender and sun flower filled fields, curves – road curves…

Antique Shopping At Its Best in Wakefield

Antique Shopping At Its Best

Cafe 1870 - Wakefield

Some kms outside of Ottawa and I was a believer – I may never learn French but I sure don’t mind learning about the French live.

Wakefield, Quebec

Wakefield, one of many little villages in La Pêche, Quebec is a picturesque little area with breath-taking views. A town of antiques, Saturday Farmer’s markets and an overall artistic culture floating in the area, Wakefield is  located right on the river and surrounded by nothing but green hills, flowing streams and tiny docks to get your Day Dream on.

Wakefield, Quebec

“Look Back At It!!” sounds just as sexy when it refers to Nature.

Family Time in Wakefield

Definition of Romance: Tecate, Fury Best Friend and eternal love between two polar opposites.

Dock Chillin in Wakefield

If you ever do decide to visit, go on a Saturday – they host a weekly Farmer’s Market until 1pm outside of the Culture Centre, including local Kombucha, herb, tea and cheese vendors; then hit up an antique-style patio for a local brew, or better yet, grace yourself with a pack of 6 and hit up a dock. There is nothing more serene than sippin’ on a cold one, while the water gently rocks you underneath.

BONUS TIP: Within a 5-7 minute drive of Wakefield on the way back to Ottawa, you can make a quick pit stop at Canada’s Great Bungee and test out your adrenaline levels with a 200ft jump or a “quick” 1015ft zip ride above the lagoon. I know I am going back – at the time I wasn’t ready to part with the beer in my stomach yet. It’d only been an hour.

Great Canadian Bungee, Wakefield

Have you been to Wakefield? Would you go? Too boring? Are you wondering, why I’m boring you with details about a little village so remote, you can barely hear the sounds of people walking by? Sound off in the comments!