When living in a busy city like Toronto, it can become quite hard to find ways to tune out the noise and tune into yourself without the help of a modern yoga studio, a spa afternoon or a quiet patio with an almond latte in hand. I’ve tried them all but – the truth is – the noise always lingers.

Growing up in a small town in Eastern Europe, I grew up surrounded by an abundance of forests, rivers and green hills, as far as the eyes can see. And I did end up taking it for granted… I couldn’t wait to roam the concrete jungle(s) of the world and explore infinite opportunities – and for the past 20 years, I’ve made sure to make that happen. From Korea to Africa, then back to Europe and currently Canada, I dove straight into the rhythm of each big city I temporarily adopted as my home. But as I age (I did NOT just say that!), I do long for fresh air, refreshing currents and oxygen-emitting trees away from the “hustle” of the big city. So, I took it upon myself to find ways to “tune in” and listen to my inner self, barefoot in a forest somewhere, at least once a week.


While Evergreen Brickworks and it’s beautiful trails happen to literally be in my extended “backyard”, there are a few gems located just an hour outside of Toronto that happen to be a touch more rewarding. Like the Dundas Conservation Area and its plethora of chirping waterfalls.


If you google the Webster Falls close to Hamilton, ON, you’ll be directed to a few driving routes and opportunities to explore the area. There are hiking trails, if you want to get your heart rate going before finding a quite place to sit down, close your eyes and tune into the water crashing onto the rocks beneath the cliffs.



There is also the option to dip your feet into the water or use a particularly hot day to soak it all up. Regardless of what you choose to do, the goal will always be the same – tune in, listen, rejuvenate.


“Running water never grows stale,

so you just have to keep on flowing”

— Bruce Lee

Do you have any tips on how relaxing your mind and tuning into your needs after a rushed week? I would LOVE to hear them in the comments below!