I’m starting a new tradition – Music Monday!

Yes, the term may have already earned its notable place as a popular Insta-hashtag but to me it’s much more; it’s a genuine love for music and not just for one genre. Music has played a big part in my life for a long time now and I believe it to have a strong power: the power to bring people together. It empowers not only individual representation but also opens the doors to a variety of cultures. For centuries, and beyond, music has played a large role in uplifting the spirit of nations both in peace and war, in better and worse, in sickness and in health…you see where I’m going with this right? Music, and all of it’s genres, has managed to help people reunite, fall in love, spark a conversation – and even a heated debate, break personal boundaries, take down cultural barriers and spark love for another language – it’s how I expanded on my English vocabulary on a regular basis.

Music brought me and Da Kid together. Hip Hop to be exact. So in the spirit of THE POWER OF MUSIC it seemed fitting that I put together a list of our East Coast favourites. Powered by Spotify (NO, this is not an ad and YES I am a devoted customer) and inspired by our taste, here is a playlist of 20 of Hip Hop’s most classic, THE EAST COAST EDITION.

From Cam’ron’s 2002 “Come Home With Me” – the album (and track of the same name) that gave the Harlem rapper much needed recognition – to Wrekx-N-Effects’ “Rump Shaker” – a group produced by another Harlem legend, Teddy Riley, this playlist is a mix of everything that is great about New York. It’s a mix of heavy classics, interspersed by notable Hip Hop bangers that are sure to get you bouncing. Name one person that’s never got down to “Juicy” – go ahead, I’ll wait.

And yes, I do realize Jay-Z, aka Hova, aka Mr. Carter isn’t featured here. But the man’s keeping taken his work over to Tidal and I just can’t bring myself to cheat on why beloved Spotify. It’s just not working for me yet. His music is reserved for vinyl at our house and I’m absolutely OK with that!

There are so many great ones that can be added to this list and truthfully it was hard to narrow it down. What would your EAST COAST EDITION playlist look like? Sound off below.