90s gems, while road tripping

It’s December!

The holidays are less than 3 weeks away – though most retail establishments have enlisted Ms. Carey in their determination to convince you that they only want YOU for Christmas. I, personally, went ahead and completed all of my shopping in November this year, so to avoid the crowds and “Jingle Bells”, as well as allot more time to custom playlists that make my heart smile.

With the holidays coming up, there is plenty of opportunity for Road Trippin’ – easily a favourite of mine – a time when it’s just you, your significant other(s) and the road ahead. If you’re one of those couples – or families – who believe in jammin’ together to tunes passed, regardless of whether your voice sounds like you’re going through a bad case of laryngitis, then a good road trip playlist is a MUST.

I, personally, have prepared a few: RnB favourites, Hip Hop favourites, Classic Rock, 90s vibes, 80s vibes…you name it! Last Friday, Da Kid and I took a quick trip to Ottawa to visit the in-laws and deliver xmas prezzies, prior to our trip to Germany in two weeks, and used the opportunity to shamelessly sing and vibe to a few – or too many – 90s favourites. And because I’m grateful for you all, I am sharing a portion of them in a lovingly curated playlist below.

There are so many other tracks that can be added to this list. What are your RnB favourites from the 90s?!