The other night, Da Kid and I were walking home around 1 a.m after a friend’s bday and too many JD shots and we got on the topic of who deserves the title of “God of The South” – GUCCI MANE  or JEEZY. If you know me, and you’ve asked me who I regularly worship, you’d know that my answer will always be Tip is KING and Jeezy’s GOD!. Kid, however, insists on Gucci Mane for the HIGHEST of spots and that’s where our marital issues begin and end.

And while I’ll never back down, and I doubt he will either, the DIRTY SOUTH holds a special place in both of our hearts. It’s the music that brought us together and the genre that starts the best of dance parties at our house, so I  decided to compile the first volume of Dirty South tracks for you to lend a ear to. This one is dedicated to the classics and I found it in my heart to feature both of our GODS in the mix.