Did you know that every 7 years, our bodied “renew” themselves? Like, you kind of just float away from your body just to give way to a new you. Cool, right?!

WRONG! While there are truths to certain cells “renewing and regenerating” every couple of weeks, your body doesn’t have the ability to change itself every decade or so. If it did, we wouldn’t have to say ‘Where the fuck did you come from?!” to our double chins. Myths of the sort, however, are a perfect excuse for us 21st century folks to use as an excuse to be active, eat healthy and generally treat our bodies like the temples that they are. I, for one, decided to literally allow my body to float away into a better shape.

I first heard of the concept of floating – a hydrotherapy type of treatment – listening to Joe Rogan years ago. I sort of brushed it off at the time because he used to overwhelm me, and frankly,  too many people without personal opinion were using his words to prove a point, so I ultimately got annoyed. I also chose not to entertain the idea due to a semi-ridiculous fear of deep water. About a year ago, however, I discovered H2O Float Spa and decided to check it out, mostly thanks to its proximity to our place. Who am I kidding?! It was thanks to the fact that the water in the pod is barely 15 inches deep and I felt relieved.

H2O Float Spa, conveniently located at Danforth & Broadview in Toronto, is a float and spa establishment, which focuses on the benefits of Floating, as means of therapy for your body. The concept of a float is designed to mimic one’s journey inside their mother’s womb. You enter into a pod filled with water, saltier than that of the Dead Sea, where the temperature of the room/pod is adjusted to that of your body and you float “away”in a half-sleep/meditational bliss for about an hour. Floating helps work out kinks in your body, raging from back and neck pain, anxiety (physical and mental) and so much more. In addition, it’s also a perfect medicine for your brain – it urges you to relax, as the salts do all of the work to keep your body afloat and you have nothing but your thoughts to keep away. There is also the option of turning off all lights and close the pod, if you’re ready to brave it out in complete sensory deprivation for an hour. Confession: I have yet to do that.

I’m happy to launch the “Movement” series with this type of gentle treatment and have you join me on a trip down Float Town. For the next few months, I’ll be sharing ALL of the benefits of floating with you, tracking my progress and eventually, taking one of you along with me for a complimentary float. Stay tuned for more on the WHERE  more on the location and all that they offer), WHY floating is so good for you and HOW you can win a treatment for yourself at H2O Flost Spa just in time for a Spring Clean body!